Thursday, July 21, 2005

Good Morning or Happy Birthday?

Yep, turned 18 yesterday. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

I changed my profile pic recently, got bored of my 'comic' self. Made a wallpaper of A Perfect Circle's latest album, eMOTIVe, some days ago. Their songs are awesome! If you ask me, they come a close second after LP. Not much of creativity in the wallpaper, but you probably won't be able to find a huge/sharp/clear album cover like this easily. And this time it's designed for people who like to have their icons on either side of the screen (are there any?).

Other than that, I uploaded two new pictures to my gallery. One is a portrait (!), and the other is a shot I took of my Philishave. I like both of them, but the number of views they got say otherwise. Or maybe people were just lazy this week.

Hey, it's 11:55pm. But who watches the watch... err... time anyway. Are you reading this K?

Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Unimaginative

The first weekened after college re-opened on the 4th! Was waiting for this since... the beginning of the week :) With the kind of lecturers we have this year, five days felt more like five weeks. Anyway, now time for a movie... and speaking of movies, take a look at this —

So Bollywood has moved on to ripping-off stuff from video games now... guess they ran out of things they could (sort of) copy from Hollywood movies. Pathetic really. India is so full of unimaginative people (there are exceptions, of course). They can't even come up with a tune for a song on their own these days. The recent "Aaj Kal Tere Mere" remix has the beats of Will Smith's "Switch" in it. Then there was this song called "O Haseena" (from the movie Haseena) I saw some time ago which had the tune of Safri Duo's "Rise"! There was one more song I saw yesterday which was a ripoff... can't remember it now. Does their right brain even function at all?

There's a new photo in my photo gallery - "Four LEDs". Took that shot when there was a power cut at home. I first saw this kind of thing done in some of Pablo's (early) photos. There will probably be another new photo over there in a few days, so stay tuned.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Is There Life Out There?

Today I'm trying something new - I'm writing a general article! Why? Mostly because I'm jobless and have nothing better to do. I've never done this before, so don't expect too much. And don't ever complain if you fell asleep reading it.

If you're even a little curious, this question would have definitely crossed your mind at least once — "Is there life out there in space?" (if you're not, then let's assume it crossed your mind at least once). Now to me, the answer to that question is quite simple - there IS. Considering that the universe, housing billions of galaxies, is bigger than you can start to imagine, it's improbable that Earth is the ONLY planet that supports life. Besides, Earth-like conditions aren't even a necessity for life to exist — on the Earth itself, some extremophiles have adapted to living in extreme environments where other life wouldn't stand a chance. They're boldly going where humans dare not and cannot.

So if there is life out there, why haven't we come into contact with them? Simply because the universe is so immensely vast, and we have only explored an infinitesimally small portion of it. Our escaping radio and TV signals (called the radio bubble) get weaker and weaker as they move away from the Earth and eventually drown in the ambient radio noise of the universe. Just for the sake of it, let us assume that technologically proficient aliens are intercepting our signals and are managing to decode them. After watching 50 years of our television (if they have the patience) — all the K-serials, mindless comedy shows, news about the wars we started etc., they'd probably conclude that human beings are a dysfunctional bunch of idiots.

Then what about those signals (of our own choosing) we sent in space crafts like Voyager? Don't worry, at the rate they're travelling (50,000 miles per hour I think), they won't reach the nearby stars for another 100,000 years. Our propulsion systems are not suitable at all for space travel... sure a rocket is fast, but it exhausts its entire fuel in a very short time. Newer propulsion systems like the ion drive and solar sail are very efficient for long distance travel, but they're horribly slow.

So will we ever make contact with extra-terrestials? Of course we will. Just not yet. With the research work being conducted by organisations like SETI, it's only a matter of time till we do make contact. Their Seti@home (thanks for the link Ganeshan) is a program that YOU can run on your computer to help in the search for extraterrestial intelligence. Who knows? You might find an alien and become really famous! Or you won't find anything and you'll get so mad you'll uninstall it.

In any case, this article comes to an end here. I know I haven't really talked about anything you don't already know, but then again, I told you in the beginning not to expect too much didn't I?

Edit: I was finding links for some of the stuff I just talked about, and I came across this page — Good question ;)