Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Seven Days

That's how long I was in Chennai. Got back yesterday morning. After experiencing Chennai weather, you'd probably never complain about Hyderabad weather again. Except that, the whole trip was a lot of fun! It was mostly meeting relatives and all, but we also met Karthik and saw Mahabalipuram, which isn't as scenic as I expected (or maybe I expected too much).

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure —

[ 1 ] :: [ 2 ] :: [ 3 ] — Mahabalipuram pictures

[ 4 ] — Some school kids who became my 'fans' on the last day of the trip. They later gave me a grand send-off, from the windows :)

In case you've visited my photo gallery recently, you'll notice there are a couple of new photos there... two of them are sunset shots I took from my terrace (and you thought you don't have scenic scenes in Hyderabad), and the other two are shots of a small glass clock I have at home.

And that's not all. Here's a wallpaper I made just before I left for Chennai. This time it's totally computer generated... no modified-photo stuff. Haven't done that in a while huh?

Friday, June 17, 2005

The Morning After

Exams are finally over! And I have a really really long 'summer vacation' of two weeks. How nice. It'll be over before I know it... and then it's back to drab college stuff again. Anyway, I guess two weeks is better than say, one week.

So what have I been up to all this while? Let's see... I did add a couple of photos to my photo gallery at —

Inside A Computer — If you've seen my wallpaper, then there's nothing new here. Just cropped off some of the distracting wires and stuff and rotated it so it looks a little more 'professional'.

Indian Gods — This is one of my very early photos, taken last year. This was probably the first time I used a 'set' (it was taken against a black background) to take a photo. I think I even used a tripod, so the final image is nice and crisp. You should definitely see the high-res version of this one.

Metallic Flowers — There was this wall-hanging with flowers on it, made out of gun metal I think. I really liked the texture and the subtle colours it had, so I took a picture of it :) The photo was taken in very low light, so a tripod was a must (exposure time was three seconds).

Looking Down — No, this is not a photo version of the caterpillar wallpaper. It just has the same name. And a simlar style - dark with high contrast (maybe I overdid it?).

Apart from the photos, I did make a wallpaper last month that I never posted. It's called 'Burn' and you can have a look at it here. I've been getting mixed reactions about this, so you may or may not like it.

How come there's no thumbnail? I'm lazy. That's why.