Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dark Machine

Made this little animated clip over a span of a few days. Almost all of it was filmed after midnight in my room, and I used the stop motion animation technique - basically I shoot a single frame, move the objects (in this case, a bunch of really old toys I had) in the scene a little, and shoot again. When you play it back, the objects appear to be moving by themselves. Of course, I was too lazy to film at a high frame rate, so my video is a little jerky. Well, this itself involved taking about 500 shots (not all were used) and that was pain enough.

Video was finished on 25 November, runs a little under 2 minutes. Inspired by Tool's "Sober" video and some of Pablo's stuff. It's too big to upload anywhere, so you'll have to ask me if you want to see it. Not that you're so interested anyway.

Oops almost forgot... check out the Wallpaper of the Update - "Blur".

Monday, November 21, 2005

Feel Good Inc.

Oh yes! I'm done with semester exams and I'm jobless until 12 December. No point writing about how I did my exams... marks are never proportional to how you write them anyway. Wanted to write a post here yesterday itself, but the day went by so fast it was way past midnight before I knew it!

I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire yesterday. For all the hype it was an average movie at best. Didn't make much sense to me at all... maybe it's because I haven't read the books. After I came back home in the evening I saw Kaal on Sony. Now that's another dumb movie. But I definitely enjoyed it more than HP. Was funny watching all of them trying to act cool... actually just watching them trying to act itself was funny. And it isn't supposed to be funny movie. So that makes it more funny I guess. I saw Scary Movie 3 fully sometime back. Now that's a movie that's supposed to be funny and IS funny. Confused?

Haven't been doing much of anything else lately. Used the bluetooth dongle yesterday after a long time. Only time I used it before was when Karthik was here (earlier this month). And all I can remember is us fragging each other on Quake 3 Arena and Doom. Actually it was more of me fragging him, but you get the point.

Ah I'm just talking nonsense. Just go look at the Wallpaper of the Update - "Pill". There's no thumbnail because I'm too lazy. And no, there's no blood.