Friday, September 30, 2005

Papers, Glósóli and More

Again almost a month since the last update. Wasn't really busy or anything, just wasn't in the writing mood. And the problem is that now I am in the writing mood, but I can't think of anything to write about. Maybe I'll start with something I talked about in my last post, my paper presentation at Aurora College...

The paper did get selected and we did make that presentation last Friday. Why don't I seem excited? Because I later found out that those people selected almost ALL the entries... in other words, there was no 'selection' at all. Now this is a good and bad thing. Bad because 95% of those papers were useless and not worth presenting at all. Can you believe there was this one guy who thought "Mail Merge" (in MS Word) qualified as a suitable topic to write a paper under the main theme of "Merging of Technologies"?! The first question he was asked by the judges after he finished was — "Can you tell me what Merging of Technologies means?". And because there were so many papers, they had to conduct parallel sessions, each having a different panel of judges, so the judging process wasn't fair to begin with. Now it's also good because we got a chance to present our paper, which we may not have been able to do otherwise (mind you, that's a VERY BIG 'may not'). And of course, I got a certificate, which is good I guess.

In other news, Karthik was here for two days because the police wanted to take his fingerprints (he's a WANTED man you know). He also bought himself a laptop recently, so you might see updates on his blog/site more often now. Go to his blog to see a really tiny picture of the cute thing. Yes, it has a widescreen display. Congratulations K!

So what's the headline all about? I'm getting to that. Pablo told me about this, and it has already been publicised here, so I thought why not publicise it some more, since it's so awesome. I'm talking about a music video of one of Sigur Rós' songs - Glósóli. Haven't seen a video so perfectly synchronised with the song in a long time, and the instrumental itself is very good, so overall it's excellent. Go watch the video here.

Oh and before I wind up this update, there are a couple of new photos on my gallery that you might want to check out. They aren't great... and one of them is apparently too wierd to appreciate. So don't tell me I didn't warn you.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Wow! Been almost a month since the last update. I just haven't taken any new photos or made any new wallpapers, so there's nothing to show this time. Been busy with college stuff lately, I spent last week writing a paper for a paper presentation contest at Aurora Engineering College. Maybe if the paper gets selected, I'll talk about it more. The event is called Prabhaava 2005, see this page for more details.

OK now since you came here looking for some interesting stuff, and there isn't anything interesting here (don't know if there ever is), let me point you to some interesting stuff elsewhere on this vast network called the Internet —

-:: [ /not-so-newstuff ] ::-

Sequels to two of my favourite Doom PWADs were released some time ago - Afterglow's Jägermörder 02 : Terra Nova and Erik Alm's Scythe 2. Both are very well crafted and have excellent gameplay. Highly recommended.

-:: [ The Doom Remix Project: The Dark Side of Phobos ] ::-

An OverClocked Remix site project that contains remixes of music from the original Doom. Lots of great tracks in there, most notably "Darkness Dawning (text music)" by Larsec featuring Elsa Persson, "The Glass Moon (e1m8)" by DJ Carbunk1e featuring Ryan8Bit and "The Leaning Tower of Babel (e2m8)" by Evil Horde. Official project page here.

-:: [ Kotogoto ] ::-

Now Kotogoto really has kotog... errr... everything! Tobias uploaded the remaining pages (and there's a totally awesome intro flash clip now), so it's not just a journal any more. His new photosite is now online too - has a simple, professional-looking design. No high-res pics there any more though :(

Yep, so that about wraps up the go-here-go-there update. Maybe next time, I'll have some of my own stuff to show.