Sunday, July 16, 2006

Eye On The TV

Mumbai has gone through a lot hasn't it? First bomb blasts, then rains, and now more bomb blasts. Was watching Times Now the other day and all they seemed to be bothered about was making sure we knew that the news coverage was exclusive. Almost every sentence began with "For the first time, Times Now has...". Oh and not to mention the police bashing - what do they expect, surveillance like in the UK?

I've been busy with events at college lately. First there was the National Conference on Ferroics on 30 June and 1 July, for which I did the front and back cover of the proceedings and the banner for the event (apart from the organising). Then there was a VLSI Workshop few days ago for which I made a banner. OK, so you were expecting to see all that stuff put up here right? You see the problem is that they were made under a million constraints, and hence they look nothing like my style at all. They're not great either, so not worth putting up here.

Yesterday I attended the Film Festival on Environment and Development at Indira Priyadarshini Auditorium, Public Gardens. Two short films (documentaries) made by a friend of mine were screened there - National Parks and Extinguishing Flame. Oh and there was this guy who would give his 'comments' after each documentary - he was so damn funny! Unintentionally funny, that is. I enjoyed him more than the documentaries (sorry Aditya!).

Later in the evening I went to Harahs (a disco/restaurant in Somajiguda I never knew existed). There were two guys who were doing caricatures of people there, so I got one done of me. He took about 3 minutes to draw this, and I think it came out pretty well! He asked me what my hobby was, that's how the camera ended up in the drawing.

Few days ago, I was generally browsing through videos on YouTube and I came across these. They're pretty good -

[ A Perfect Circle - The Noose ] - One of my favourite APC songs. Never expected that a live version would sound this good!

[ Canon - funtwo and Jerry C. ] - This guy has fantastic guitar playing skills! And I can't even play the first line of Happy Birthday to You (reading this Anil?).

[ Coca Cola Human ] - A cool Coca Cola advertisement.

[ Real Life Simpsons Intro ] - The title says it all.

[ Airtel - Express Yourself ] - The Airtel ad with music composed by A. R. Rehman.

[ Airtel - Express Yourself (New) ] - The new Airtel ad. Love the way this is filmed!

[ Mortal Kombat Theme - Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox ] - This you'll find either silly or funny. Or both.