Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Exploding Tamarind

Didn't go to college today, and I'm finished with the lab internal exams, so I have time to make this post.

The EDC (Electronic Devices and Circuits) lab internal was on Friday — had to plot the frequency response of a Common Collector Amplifier. That was simple. I was more happy when I solved the problem given at the beginning of the test (didn't know I was even capable of solving a problem in EDC until that day). The C lab internal we had yesterday went off well too, I got a Stacks program and the Lagrange's Interpolation program (Numerical Methods). Didn't answer the viva questions too well though... the guy asked me some tricky questions. Here's one of them —

        int a=2;
        printf("%d number is"+1,a);

I was supposed to tell him the output and explain why, which I did after a while, although it wasn't 100% correct. Actually my viva 'session' was extra long since I finished my programs early :)

Anyway, after the test, we had some extra classes during which it started to rain heavily... wish I had my cam to capture the sky, which was really dramatic with the low-lying rain clouds and all. Reached home pretty late, ate, read an article on the exoplanet which was photographed recently, and then went to sleep.

So what's with the headline you ask? That's just another wallpaper I made a few days ago. Here's a before-after shot (reminds you of those weight-reduction programmes doesn't it?), so you know how much manipulation went into it —

To see the wallpaper click here, or on the image above. Comments welcome, as always.


Karthik Abhiram said...

Hmm...  What's the output of that C code?

Varun said...

The output is

d number is

It's got to do with Pointer Arithmetic (since the string in the quotes is basically an array, the +1 increments the pointer to it by 1 byte).

Anonymous said...

hey varun its me s----i .tell me do these pictures belong to planet earth ????????????????

Varun said...

I'll take that as a compliment :)

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your site, love your pictures

Varun said...