Sunday, September 04, 2005


Wow! Been almost a month since the last update. I just haven't taken any new photos or made any new wallpapers, so there's nothing to show this time. Been busy with college stuff lately, I spent last week writing a paper for a paper presentation contest at Aurora Engineering College. Maybe if the paper gets selected, I'll talk about it more. The event is called Prabhaava 2005, see this page for more details.

OK now since you came here looking for some interesting stuff, and there isn't anything interesting here (don't know if there ever is), let me point you to some interesting stuff elsewhere on this vast network called the Internet —

-:: [ /not-so-newstuff ] ::-

Sequels to two of my favourite Doom PWADs were released some time ago - Afterglow's Jägermörder 02 : Terra Nova and Erik Alm's Scythe 2. Both are very well crafted and have excellent gameplay. Highly recommended.

-:: [ The Doom Remix Project: The Dark Side of Phobos ] ::-

An OverClocked Remix site project that contains remixes of music from the original Doom. Lots of great tracks in there, most notably "Darkness Dawning (text music)" by Larsec featuring Elsa Persson, "The Glass Moon (e1m8)" by DJ Carbunk1e featuring Ryan8Bit and "The Leaning Tower of Babel (e2m8)" by Evil Horde. Official project page here.

-:: [ Kotogoto ] ::-

Now Kotogoto really has kotog... errr... everything! Tobias uploaded the remaining pages (and there's a totally awesome intro flash clip now), so it's not just a journal any more. His new photosite is now online too - has a simple, professional-looking design. No high-res pics there any more though :(

Yep, so that about wraps up the go-here-go-there update. Maybe next time, I'll have some of my own stuff to show.


Karthik Abhiram said...

Nice update...

Played Jägermörder 2 yesterday, very nice map.

Had a look at Toby's site also, the new stuff's very nice.

I'm guessing the headline of your post refers to a programming language? :)

Varun said...

Yeah, you guessed right... :)

Doesn't matter what headlines I put here because nobody understands them anyway...

Karthik Abhiram said...

This is unrelated to your post but I thought it's something nice to remember...

I've just bought my laptop and am adding this comment through that (the shop has a wireless Internet Connection).

I downloaded your "The Pod" image to the laptop.

Varun said...

Wow!! Congrats K!

How does The Pod look widescreen? ;)