Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dark Machine

Made this little animated clip over a span of a few days. Almost all of it was filmed after midnight in my room, and I used the stop motion animation technique - basically I shoot a single frame, move the objects (in this case, a bunch of really old toys I had) in the scene a little, and shoot again. When you play it back, the objects appear to be moving by themselves. Of course, I was too lazy to film at a high frame rate, so my video is a little jerky. Well, this itself involved taking about 500 shots (not all were used) and that was pain enough.

Video was finished on 25 November, runs a little under 2 minutes. Inspired by Tool's "Sober" video and some of Pablo's stuff. It's too big to upload anywhere, so you'll have to ask me if you want to see it. Not that you're so interested anyway.

Oops almost forgot... check out the Wallpaper of the Update - "Blur".


Karthik Abhiram said...

It was great to meet you & Mama & all the cousins/uncles/aunts in Chennai over this weekend. Wish it could have been longer though and wish I could have returned to Hyderabad with you all! Looking forward to the Christmas visit though.

Anyway one of the highlights of the weekend was certainly "Dark Machine" -- I knew it would be good, but I never expected it to be THAT good!

The amount of effort you put in is apparent -- but I think it was all worth it.

The film is brilliant, with some "wow" inducing moments (for example, the shift-focus shot, the transformation, the two heroes standing, and the very final shot of the director and his tools). The music suited it very well too.

You should seriously consider uploading it somewhere. Perhaps http://theforce.net would be a good idea... it's basically a site for Star Wars fan films, and as you've got a Star Wars character in your film it shouldn't be a problem!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! put it up somewhere.. even a file upload page; me wants to see!


Varun said...

Hmmm... maybe I will upload it somewhere after all. I'll send you the link in case I do.