Saturday, January 07, 2006

Ano Novo Feliz!

Uh, that's supposedly Happy New Year in Portuguese. If it's not, you can blame Babel Fish. Anyway, here's wishing all of you a great year ahead in 2006!

Hope you had fun during the holidays. I did. No wait, I didn't actually have any holidays since both Christmas and New Year fell on a Sunday. But I still had fun. We had the Fresher's Day for our juniors on 30th and during the week we conducted several events for them, so that was a really busy, hectic and fun week. I can never forget the Banana Eating round we had as the last round of The Ultimate Challenge (that was the event I was involved in). And I still can't believe the team (of three) that won ate a total of 25 bananas in one and a half minutes! I wish I had an appetite like that.

We have a lot of talented junies this year. Unfortunately, there aren't (m)any with a well rounded personality. The Mr. and Ms. Fresher contest was a HUGE disappointment... especially the final question round. Here's a question that one of the 'finalists' was asked, and his answer —

[ Q ]: You're going to a GRE exam and you witness an accident. What do you do?

[ A ]: Have you guys seen Aparichitudu? If I don't save the life of that person then Aparichitudu is going to kill me. In that film you see that he still exists, so I have a fear of him. So I just go and help that person. I can write GRE next year. But if I save his life, it'll be a great thing for him.

The answer we expected to get was "I'll call an ambulance and go write my GRE exam". And here, this guy wants to help that person because he fears some fictional character in a movie. Oh and there's more to what he said... it's just too senseless to put over here.

I haven't made any new wallpapers or anything. And I'm bored talking about movies I've watched recently. So I thought I'd point you to some fun posts I've read the past few days —

Verbal Dysentry on Rex's blog

One of Those Journeys... on Rupak's blog

That should keep you occupied until I come up with something to show... ok it won't keep you occupied that long, but it'll have to do.


Rupak Ranjan Das said...

Je vous remercie de tout coeur!...."I thank you from the bottom of my heart" in French :-)

and ofcourse, 25 bananas in 1 and half min...unbelievable...congrats to those 3 Banana kings (or queens!!) who did it :-)

Poornaa Venkatesan said...

Mr and Ms freshers eh?
LOL, some pleasant memories of yesterday :-P...
That was a crappy answer... our coll was a little better;-)... Allright ho! keep posting and wallpapering.. cya!

Varun said...

Rupak -- The banana kings. That was the only all-boys team. No wonder they won the round ;)

Poornaa -- OMG you commented! :)

Anonymous said...

hey man. i saw the street life picture. so damn awesome. and its so simple too. i dont know what it is

about it, but its really good. one thing i noticed was the focus. its weird as hell. it gives a really

weird and awesome feel to the picture. maybe im seeing things? hehe.


Varun said...

Thanks Pablo. I noticed the wierd focus too... kinda looks like a lens effect.

The car was in motion, so maybe the fg blur created that effect... or maybe the window glass had something to do with it. :)

Anonymous said...