Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Grunge Series

Not one, not two, but three new wallpapers to make up for the lack of updates all this while. Hope you like them. I call this the Grunge series —


Made this around a month ago, but never got around to posting it because of continuous exams at college. This wallpaper is heavily inspired from the beautiful artwork in the Nine Inch Nails: The Downward Spiral 11-wallpaper pack. Blended together two shots I took of a dead bird, and then heavily edited it to bring out the colours and textures. Not exactly an ideal subject to make a wallpaper of I know, which is why I went in for a more abstract arrangement of images — easier on the eyes when you can't make out what is what.

Destroyed City

Ah this is my favourite of the lot. My dad had been to New York City a while ago, and I used one of the photos he took there as a base to make this. Why didn't I use an image of Hyderabad you ask? Well, the city is already damaged by developments, so much so that you can't make it look any more destroyed than it already is. This base image was just perfect for the wallpaper, and that's the sole reason I used it. I do NOT hate NYC or something in case you were wondering. Heck how can I hate the place when I've never even been there.


Made this one today morning. I know it looks like a single photo, but it's actually three different images superimposed on each other, each one with a different layer/blending style. I don't really know what that is, but I think it's either the seeds or the withered flower of a plant. I really like the perspective on this image. The curve from under the title is what adds interest to main subject I think. I set one of the layer modes to "Burn" which is what makes it look like it's smouldering. And I have no idea how the smoke showed up, there's nothing in the original! Oh well, it adds to the overall effect, so I'm not complaining.

I'd love to hear what you guys have to say about these wallpapers, so comment away!


Poornaa Venkatesan said...

Asusual good ones... Old and dirty!

The bird thing is good as a wallpaper probably but I see a long insect feeding on the dead bird... :-( which is yuckk.

Destroyed city is my favourite man! Tho' I think you could have done better with the sky... You shud have given that weird cartoon network feel...

And smoulder I cant understand what it is, like u said. I first thought it looked like mars. But now I cant think of anything.

Anonymous said...

Bird wallpaper is scary :-s

Destroyed City is my favourite too. Looks like a scene from one of those world-will-end-soon movies.

Smoulder looks like a close up shot of the (burning?) bark of a tree.



Karthik Abhiram said...

All three wallpapers are very nice but as others have said too, my favourite one is "Destroyed City" :)

Reminds me of 2 movies actually -- "I Am Legend" for obvious reasons, and "Night Watch".

shreybomb said...

I LOVE ALL A THEM TOO!!!! I loved off Destroyed City, but then I saw Smoulder and I got blown. Its way too cool- may I download it for my wallpaper please???? pretty please???

Tobias said...

"Destroyed city" is really awesome work, Varun! And not just because it's NYC. :-)

I am trying to guess from where the image was taken. Obviously, there's the Empire State in it, and I think I see the white Metropolitan Life Insurance Tower to the right of it. So my guess will be that this was shot from either around Union Square or maybe a bit more south from Astor Place. Does your father remember where it was? Would be cool to know! :-)

Varun said...

Poo -- hehe lots of flies also if you look close :D

And wad do you mean "weird cartoon network feel"??

Pratyusha -- I know I know... not the ideal subject I know :)

"Looks like a scene from one of those world-will-end-soon movies" -- hey that's exactly what I was thinking when I finished that!

Karthik -- thanks! Destroyed City is my fav too... not totally happy with the sky though :)

Shreya ji -- sure sure go right ahead! I make it for people to use only :) You're just not supposed to sell it and make lots of money out of it :P

Toby -- Hehe thanks! My dad ain't good at remembering places, but will ask him and let you know :)

mira said...

Ohh my...obsession with the dead reflecting hard on wallpapers! hee hee!! They are good though ;-)

Varun said...

Mira -- Some twice I'll use dead stuff to make a wallpaper tho "obsession" aa :O

Rajeev Turlapati said...

i love it..rusty..funky...shooper

Varun said...

Thanks man