Monday, January 21, 2008

Tom Cruise - Mission: Impossible 3

Yes, I finally get around to doing another drawing! My last drawing, if you remember, was of Charlize Theron (from Æon Flux) way back in 2006.

It was really hard drawing after such a long time. I tried drawing this picture of Avril Lavigne first, but I just couldn't get her eyes right. All that eye shadow and under-eye detail combined with my rusty drawing skills made it impossible to draw. And when the eyes aren't drawn properly, the whole face looks weird. And that's exactly what happened.

Anyway, so after a lot of searching for easy images to draw, I ended up with this poster of Tom Cruise from Mission: Impossible 3. Wasn't as easy to draw as I thought it would be, but at least the end result bears some resemblance to the original.

And I wasn't done with just the drawing. I decided to load it up in Paint Shop Pro and add some CG effects to it. Coincidently, I happened to stumble across this open source fractal flame editor called Apophysis, so I used that to render the blue smoke background. I then colorized the drawing to a grayish-brown and added the text and M:I 3 logo. This is the final result —

By the way, I now use a 19" Samsung 932NW monitor, so expect more widescreen images from now on. After all, what's the point of making these when I can't use them as wallpaper?


Ismaele said...

Nice drawing! :) But I think that Tom Cruise looks a bit too angrier! :P

Varun said...

LOL... I think the eyes are smaller than they ought to be, as a result, he looks angry/sinister :)

shreybomb said...

Nice one! But the chin looks a little odd....hmm....i don't know how to explain ....:-(

Karthik Abhiram said...

Heh, nice one, and as you know, this drawing of yours inspired me to watch the movie again :)

Varun said...

Shreya ji -- Odd chin huh... maybe it doesn't look realistic/3d enough?

Kar -- Hehe yeah :)

Rajeev Turlapati said...

not bad varun...i guess female sketches aeon flux kinds will suit u much better :P

Poornaa Venkatesan said...

Nice man!

I cant draw lathat n all... But I think the original has more tilt. The chin, like shreya said, is protruding and thats probably because you didn't get the right angle.

But whatever. If you draw hot hot people, they atleast turn out hot.

Varun said...

Rajeev -- Well yeah, I'm more comfy drawing stuff with clean lines I guess.

Poo -- LOL... thanks :)

Spurthi said...

This "Inspiration" is really Inspired by ur Inspirational drawing :)
Am gonna draw one soon
Great job Varun!!

Swathi said...

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