Thursday, January 01, 2009

Art ^4

First of all, a very Happy New Year to you all! Have a great year ahead.

This being the first post of 2009, I'm sure you were expecting another New Year's video or something like that. Sadly there's no video this time; Karthik and I wanted to make one, but we didn't have any ideas. There is something else in its place though, something you don't see too often over here — a new drawing, a new video, a new wallpaper and some new photos, all in one post!

So without any further ado (and any further hype), here we go —

#1 The Drawing

Took me over five hours to draw, shade and digitally colour this thing, but the end result makes it totally worth the effort! This drawing of Iron Man is easily my best drawing till date.

#2 The Video

You saw the finished version of the drawing, but what did it look like before the colouring? What did it look like when the initial outlines were made? I put together a small video that contains glimpses of the entire process of making the final image you see above.

#3 The Wallpaper

Now this is what I call turning office work into a piece of art! The code in this wallpaper is not some fancy junk like you see in the movies, they are actual installation screens of popular open source products we use at work. The glossy background is a heavily edited image of the sky I had taken enroute to Pondicherry.

#4 The Photos

The first image "Open Wide" was taken at the Crocodile Park, East Coast Road. The second sepia shot titled "Father and Son" was taken at a beach in Mahabalipuram.


shreybomb said...

sexy foto sexy video! i am fannest of the fan! :P

Ismaele said...

Very nice drawing: I like it very much! =) And the video is good too! :) The photos are beautiful as always! ;) The wallpaper isn't bad: it reminds "Matrix" somehow.

Rajeev Turlapati said...
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Rajeev Turlapati said...

the drawing is is good.code wallpaper background with the code is awesome and the 2nd shot is brilliant! like your mom said that truly is a gift to capture those emotions..

Dhanya said...

the drawing is really good, and i like your photos. i already have the wallpaper which is really nice as well... you're really good with these things tell me when you put some new things up :)

Poornaa Venkatesan said...

Too^n good :D

Mira said...

As cool as always! Love everything!

SBL picture colouring said...

Super duper!!!

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shashank said...

nice drawing there!

so u've made a wallpaper from the portal code huh... good idea :-)

Karthik Abhiram said...

I salute you sir :)

Excellent drawing, your best yet, and great video. The wallpaper I have on my desktop (who knew "ls -l" would be so cool), and the pics are nice too. I love the "Father and Son" pic.

Sravani said...

dis is simply amazing!!!...both da edited photos are brilliant,but da father and son pic is much better..dere's an ease of naturalness in da pic!!..nice start of the year:)..

kinnera said...

hmm as i said the drawing is done amazingly well..
And how did u capture those pics? crocodile is ok..But how did you capture the father and the son in that pose..It is really a good one!!

Sim said...

Hi Kins............he was lucky while taking the pic thats all :P .....but yes......I should admit that I could not take my eyes off the wallpaper...........and as always I ask the same question "For how much will I get it Mr.V??" Sorry no review on the video as I cant access it from is blocked for us!!

Razor said...

yyu seriously are an amazing artist man..!!keep up the good work...cheers!!!

Swathi said...

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