Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Seven Days

That's how long I was in Chennai. Got back yesterday morning. After experiencing Chennai weather, you'd probably never complain about Hyderabad weather again. Except that, the whole trip was a lot of fun! It was mostly meeting relatives and all, but we also met Karthik and saw Mahabalipuram, which isn't as scenic as I expected (or maybe I expected too much).

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure —

[ 1 ] :: [ 2 ] :: [ 3 ] — Mahabalipuram pictures

[ 4 ] — Some school kids who became my 'fans' on the last day of the trip. They later gave me a grand send-off, from the windows :)

In case you've visited my photo gallery recently, you'll notice there are a couple of new photos there... two of them are sunset shots I took from my terrace (and you thought you don't have scenic scenes in Hyderabad), and the other two are shots of a small glass clock I have at home.

And that's not all. Here's a wallpaper I made just before I left for Chennai. This time it's totally computer generated... no modified-photo stuff. Haven't done that in a while huh?

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