Friday, June 17, 2005

The Morning After

Exams are finally over! And I have a really really long 'summer vacation' of two weeks. How nice. It'll be over before I know it... and then it's back to drab college stuff again. Anyway, I guess two weeks is better than say, one week.

So what have I been up to all this while? Let's see... I did add a couple of photos to my photo gallery at —

Inside A Computer — If you've seen my wallpaper, then there's nothing new here. Just cropped off some of the distracting wires and stuff and rotated it so it looks a little more 'professional'.

Indian Gods — This is one of my very early photos, taken last year. This was probably the first time I used a 'set' (it was taken against a black background) to take a photo. I think I even used a tripod, so the final image is nice and crisp. You should definitely see the high-res version of this one.

Metallic Flowers — There was this wall-hanging with flowers on it, made out of gun metal I think. I really liked the texture and the subtle colours it had, so I took a picture of it :) The photo was taken in very low light, so a tripod was a must (exposure time was three seconds).

Looking Down — No, this is not a photo version of the caterpillar wallpaper. It just has the same name. And a simlar style - dark with high contrast (maybe I overdid it?).

Apart from the photos, I did make a wallpaper last month that I never posted. It's called 'Burn' and you can have a look at it here. I've been getting mixed reactions about this, so you may or may not like it.

How come there's no thumbnail? I'm lazy. That's why.


Anonymous said...

burn looks interesting. and the photos too, looking down has a nice look to it. :)

Varun said...

Thanks :) The shot was taken from the balcony, so I was almost right on top of the guy

Shloka said...

Hey Varun..nice blogspot u have in there.Dunno when u wil post in next.....must be busy wid admissions...for Engineering.
Me too..done wid 12th....kinda still not decided about my career!!!I m a wierdo...done wanna do normal stuff...wanna pursue media studies!(dats a long story)..neways hopin to cu bck postin soon.

Varun said...

No, I'm in Chennai right now, so I can't make posts. I'll be back tomorrow... so you WILL see a post soon :)

Varun said...

By the way, how did you find my blog?

Shloka said...

Hey..varun..long time ,no see...:)Got ur blog thru K's website.Actually.i was huntin 4 'creative' brains n wierdos.Nice to knw such ppl.Not dat u r a ur photos do speak alot....evn i hd tried my hand at such a photography...(wierd angles i mean) didnt gt post soon..c ya.