Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Power-Cut Chronicles

Yesterday, there was no power here for the better part of the day. It was the same thing a few days ago. I couldn't use the computer, so I had to keep myself busy with other things. This is what came out of those 'other things' --

A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step

I think it's been a year since I did my last drawing. I knew my drawing skills (if I had any) would be a little rusty, so I wanted to draw something simple. This isn't the best drawing ever, but I think it came out pretty nicely. Now don't you dare compare it with any of Karthik's stuff.

The Pod

Was bored so I took out my camera to take some pictures... this is actually an out-of-focus shot of the emergency lamp in our house. The funky colours and all happened by accident, when I was post-processing. The name I know is dumb, but I couldn't think of anything better. But it does look a little like an alien space pod doesn't it?

I'm tired of saying there's a new photo in my photo gallery everytime I write a post here, so I won't this time. Just go to my gallery everytime you see an update here. There most likely WILL be a new photo there anyway.


Rupak Ranjan Das said...

i think both you and Karthik have got unique "skill-sets" when it comes to shading in a sketch...good man!!! keep it up.

Varun said...

Thanks Rupak_Das01... find any bugs in the drawing? ;)

Karthik Abhiram said...

It's a very nice drawing Varun! People can definitely compare it with my stuff... :)

Anonymous said...

webby nizze wawing wawum.

Varun said...

wank wyu wery much

Shloka said...

Hey..Varun..nice sketch!!You are great at art yaar...wonder how u chose science.You in Egineering now..right??Which College??

Varun said...

Hi Shloka... thanks for looking :)

Hehe if I could make a career out of art I would. Sadly that's not possible.

Yes, I'm in my second year, CSE at CVR College of Engineering.

Arun R said...

Hi Varun,

Saw ur comment on Karthik's blog.

Nice site u have got here. The sketches are good, but I liked the photos more. Nice work.

Keep it up.

Shall drop in whenever I find time.

Varun said...

Hi Arun! Yeah, I don't draw quarter as good as Karthik... glad you liked my photos though.

Keep visiting :)

Anonymous said...

great photos man. i had no idea what the pod was until you wrote about it here. :)

and the drawing! like i said. webby nize wawing. it wulez!


shapheee said...

nice drawing!