Monday, May 15, 2006

10,000 Photos

No, I'm not trying to make some smart reference to Tool (ok, maybe I am). It just so happens that when I transferred the latest bunch of photos to the computer, I realised I had crossed #10000! And unfortunately, the 10000th photo is one of ahem... plain, boring 'ol me. I was fooling around with the ISO settings that day and since I was the only available subject to shoot, I was shooting myself. If I had known I was approaching #10000, I would have never done such a thing.

Now since I'm such a sore to your eyes, I'll be kind and not put up the pic here. You don't have to make those signs of relief so obvious you know.

OK, now for some other news —

  • It's Karthik's birthday today, so... Happy Birthday Karthik!! (better get this posted before midnight)
  • Karthik also got an internet connection recently, and his blog is located here now. Lots of new posts there.
  • Played Toby's Boulder Doch and saw Pablo's new photos. They rule! Elephants and Tortoises also rule!
  • Posted a new photo on It's not great, but you should see it anyway.
  • I'm reading a book! I can't remember the last time I ever read one (except textbooks, which I'm forced to).


Anonymous said...

man, the new photo is awesome. the sepia tone is awesome too. :-)
sharp and detailed. awesome madnes. :-)


Ismaele said...

I think I haven't got 10000 photos on my computer, but I surely have got more than 1 GB of pictures! ;)

Varun said...

Pablo -- Thanks man. I made a small change to the post to include another thing that rules ;)

Ismaele -- Well, at the rate you're taking photos, I bet it won't be long before you reach 10,000 yourself :)