Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Which Way?

The Travellers

Varun "Sore to the eyes" Abhiram, Rakesh "Rakeesh" Kumar, Rakesh "I'm a telugu movie hero" Kumar

The Journey

The journey started like any other. The bus came late and started even later. Watched a brainless telugu movie called Varsham in the evening (they had worse movies playing afterwards)... and ironically it started raining cats and dogs at night! So heavily it was almost like something out of a horror movie. I hardly got any sleep at all - the bus kept stopping along the way because there was this little kid in the bus who had a little too much Fanta to drink and he had to 'go' every two hours. And well, I can't really sleep on an inclined seat anyway.

[ Pic 1 ] :: [ Pic 2 ] :: [ Pic 3 ]

Last time our tour guide had been to the places we were visiting was 6 years ago (he said that when he was introducing himself), so he had as much knowledge about the places as we did. The bus driver was someone who couldn't drive faster than 30km/hr and had the habit of applying the brakes after crossing the speed breaker (each time there was a red suitcase sliding from one end of the bus to the other). Oh and he was also as familiar with the places as the tour guide, so we got lost almost everywhere. As a result we spent more than half the trip in the bus. But it was a lot of fun thanks to the Sri Chaitanya lecturers who kept mocking the tour guide. So much so that the poor guy reached his breaking point towards the end of the trip. Then there was a heated exchange which obviously ended with the guide shutting his mouth. Needless to say, we had an incredibly entertaining time in the bus.

The Places

I've already written quite a lot, so I'll keep this short. You can thank me later.

[ Pic 4 ] :: [ Pic 5 ] :: [ Pic 6 ]

Ooty is definitely one of those must-see places! If you haven't been there already, go there the first chance you get. Nothing much to see in Bangalore except traffic jams, the Vishveshwara Museum and more traffic jams. Hardly any tourist spots in Mysore either (unlike Ooty, which is filled to the brim with them), but the Mysore Palace is another of those must-see places. I haven't seen such intricate architecture in my life! The paintings on the walls are so amazing they make Karthik look like someone learning to hold a pencil. Each room is a piece of art in itself. No wonder they don't allow cameras inside. Photos just won't do it justice. Like Morpheus says, "You have to see it for yourself".

Few (very few, I know) photos from the trip above. The good ones you will find uploaded to my photo gallery, one every week.


Poornaa Venkatesan said...

Sore BAAH sore!
Ok fun trip huh!!! IM GOING OUT TOO! AND I HAVE A SEXIER CAM!!! SO ILL TAKE BETTER PICTURES!! and then you'll steal my cam. BUMMER!

Varun said...

What if I stole your cam BEFORE you left? >:)

BTW your cam doesn't have 10x zoom :P

Ismaele said...

I like those photos very much! :) They seem to be very nice places! =) I think it was an adventurous trip! ;)

Anonymous said...

looks like you had tons of fun :-)

Anonymous said...

great snapshots !!!!!


Varun said...

Yeah! fun experience it was!

Those pics are just some random point-and-click ones I took. Couldn't take serious photos because of bad weather/time :(

Photos won't really do those places justice anyway... or maybe I ain't experienced enough to take photos that'll do justice to them :)

Anonymous said...