Tuesday, June 13, 2006

News and Movies

The Birthday

Secunderabad is 200 years old! Nice to see the city lit up again - last time I saw so many lights all over the place was during Diwali. If only I wasn't so busy with some work at college (you'd think I'd be free from college-related work during holidays) I would have attended a lot of the events and taken lots of photos. In fact, there was a pretty impressive lineup of events - you can see the entire schedule on the Official Hyderabad website. Unfortunately I'm free now, but all the celebrations ended yesterday.

Surprisingly, I couldn't find any photos of the celebrations. Only found this one page, but all it has are images of scary dancers.

The Protest

I attended the Anti-Reservation Protest on June 4 at Indira Park - first protest I was ever part of. The turnout was much lesser than expected and nothing sensational happened, so obviously the media disappeared after a few minutes. Sad that Hyderabadies are so lazy to voice their opinion. Sitting at home cribbing won't solve anything you know. Not that the protest solved anything, it can't because the issue is incredibly complicated. But one thing is for sure - reservation for the Other Backward Castes (OBCs) in the premier government educational institutions like the IITs, IIMs and other institutions of higher learning is not the solution.

To me, a solution can be formulated only once the government reforms itself and India's corrupt caste-based village structure is done away with. When (and if) that'll ever happen? Nobody knows. Especially since our ministers are a bunch of clueless people. Speaking about clueless people, if you missed the interview with Arjun Singh (Minister for Human Resource Development) on CNN-IBN, read it here.

Related article: Parth Dattatreya asks, "Reservations Immortalized?"

The Rest

Watched Æon Flux (7/10) - Charlize Theron looks gorgeous, loved the set design. Also watched Inside Man (8/10) - a little slow moving for my taste, expected a better ending. Was pleasantly surprised to hear the Chaiyya Chaiyya song from Dil Se playing during the opening credits of the movie!

Can't wait to watch Ghoom on MTV this Saturday. It's a 45 minute spoof of the movie Dhoom, produced under the banner of MTV Fully Faltoo Films. It ought to be fun!

New photo over at my gallery. My 'Waiting for Alms' shot made it to the weekly photo contest finals. Lots of great shots this week, so it should be a close competition.


shashank said...

I think the present scenario indicates a political stunt to attract more and more voters from the backward castes in the name of reservation.
If the govt is really interested in doing something, it should give reservation on the basis of merit and financial background of a student. If the person scores good marks and is financially backward,the govt should help him.
Whatz the fun in making people who don't have good understanding of knowledge as responsible engineers or doctors or......

suresh said...

Yeah what you say is very true.Not only the people of hyderabad but it's the default Indian nature to be indifferent to every thing until and unless something affects them(though some exceptions).The constitution says the reservations should not exceed 50%(some states voilate it though) which means there is a maximum of 50% value for the true talent?

Yeah there is definiteley a meaning in helping a economically backward talented person But does it make sense in giving reservation to a rich person at the stake of a poor unreserved candidate while the former can very well buy a management seat.This is going absoluteley ridiculous.And the true aim of reservations when the constitution was writen was on the basis of economic status.These reserved pepople were then economically backward and hence constitution said that reservations should continue for 20 years and by that time the reserved people can improve their status.They sureley did but these blady politicians saw the reservations as the duck which lays golden eggs and sureley our politicians must have read the famous story and so they dont want to kill the duck.So using the provision in the constitution that the reservations can be extended in case the status of those people did not improve and extended it twice or thrice keeping the duck alive.And i feel that they are succesful increating a feeling thatRESERVATION IS A PART OF OUR LIVES while they ned not be so.This is clear becouse we are fighting to save a new reservation while we are most affected by existing ones .I say we must fight against all reservations(except economical) not just OBCs.

Anonymous said...

Dude, if you want to be part of the Youth 4 Equality Hyd, do be there at Springs, Jubilee Hills, near TDP Party Office, Wednesday 7 PM . If you are not able to make it email me at gvishnureddy@gmail.com . We had an all India Meet last week at Bangalore and we all over India are planning some huge things before the bill gets introduced in the end of July . We are really looking to increase the core Hyd grp