Sunday, June 08, 2008

Site Enhancements, New Wallpaper

Now that the Wallpaper a Day feature has ended, all the sections of are up-to-date! Thanks all for the views and comments.

Since there will be few updates to the site from now on, I figured it's a good idea to add a panel showing the recent comments posted on the site — that way the site won't look totally dead; assuming of course, that people take the time to comment now and then.

I've also noticed on StatCounter that the Traditional Art section receives no views at all. Probably because it's the only section of the site that's not directly accessible from the main navigation panel. The drawings aren't great, but I'd like all sections of the site to have equal visibility. So in order to facilitate that, I plan to display the Traditional and Digital art together on the Artwork page, and add a filter to allow you to look at the sections individually. This will take some time to implement, as I'll have to avoid duplication of images that belong in both categories (the Charlize Theron and Tom Cruise images, for example). The RSS code and some of the other pages would also have to be appropriately modified. And hopefully I won't introduce any bugs in the process.

Anyway, while I ponder over what has to be done, have a look at this new wallpaper I made yesterday called "Corrosion"

Before I wind up this post, a couple of articles/links that might be worth your time —


Maddy said...

Hmm....i dont understand all the technical things u are talking abt.
yes the wallpaper things are cool..btw how do u make them??
You have talent not only in coding but various other things(i dont have to mention) so why dont u figure out a way that u can make productive use of what you have made, i know u are putting up in the site..tats fine think of some better ways..i tried thinking but couldnt incase i do..i let u usual keep rocking and ur works have always been good!!!keep it on

pablo said...

this new wallpaper would fit perfectly with the artwork from nin's the downward spiral!

and shame on us for not visiting the traditional art section :(

Varun said...

Madhuresh -- Thanks! No particular method I follow to make them... for this wallpaper I simply overlayed 3 boring photos I took on my terrace.

And yeah, do let me know if you can think of ways to put my skills to better use ;)

Pablo -- It would huh... I thought it was a little too "messy" for that :)

And NIN artwork rules!

Swathi said...

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