Saturday, April 09, 2005

Between Tests

Got a break between internals (that's a just a cool-sounding name for a test, in case you didn't know), so thought I'd chip in a post. You see our textbooks are really nice to read, if you ever get around to reading them. I'll give you an example... this is how the chapter Magnetism (wrote a test on that today) starts — "The magnetic effects in magnetic materials are due to atomic magnetic dipoles in the materials. These dipoles result from the effective current current loops of electrons in atomic orbits, from effects of electron spin and from the magnetic moments of atomic nuclei...". With so-called 'introductions' like these, you can see why I like my textbooks so much. Everything is so clear, so easy to understand... isn't it?

Guess I'll just have to put up with all this for another three years...

Haven't done any interesting stuff lately... although I have been working on a little something for some time now. Well it's too early to talk about it, so I won't. And since I don't have a test tomorrow, I might watch The Grudge today. Seems like a good movie. And since I have nothing more to say for now, I'll leave you with this link.

Edit: Saw The Grudge. Practically no story, has lots of effective scares though :)


Anonymous said...

did u draw the profile pic using .. microdraw?

Unknown said...

No, that wasn't drawn, it's an actual pic of myself edited in Photoshop. Used the 'Stamp' effect I think. Later coloured it in manually.