Monday, April 18, 2005

Where's The Truck?

Finished writing the fifth set of tests on 15th, so I've just been relaxing since then... watched Kaante the other day (I'm watching so many movies ever since Karthik got here... wonder why...) — it's basically a bad, over-styled rip-off of two very good movies, The Usual Suspects and Reservoir Dogs. But I had fun watching it, and there were a couple of scenes that were filmed really well.

Took some new pictures the last couple of days, you can have a look at them on my photo gallery at —

Water Meter (2 pics) — We had to remove our water meter the other day, because roots (of trees obviously) were growing into the water pipes and blocking the supply. Now since I love old, dirty looking stuff, this was a perfect subject to shoot :) Overexposed the shots to highlight the subject better.

Vanishing Point (2 pics) — These are pictures of a grill door. I like the way they came out, especially the colours. The name by the way, is a term in perspective drawing (saw Karthik reading about that some time ago), where everything in your view converges to a single point. Seemed like a fitting title for these shots :)

Oh, I forgot to mention that I now have a broadband internet connection at home! I'm getting transfer speeds of about 20KB/sec, which is a LOT faster than the few hundered bytes/sec I used to get earlier, on my dial-up connection. Yay!

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