Sunday, April 03, 2005

Identity, New Wallpapers

I wanted to start off this post talking about a movie I watched last night on HBO — Identity. But then I noticed that Karthik had already posted about it on his blog and he already said everything I wanted to say about the movie (including the bit about the movie poster). No point repeating all that here, just go watch the movie, it's one of the best I've seen this year!

I made a couple of wallpapers recently... rather simple-looking, but good nonetheless —

[ Looking Down ] - Took this picture a long time ago (I found this caterpillar at the engineering counselling centre). Just adjusted the contrast and saturation levels to give a 'professional' touch to an otherwise crappy photo. If for some reason you like the caterpillar a lot, you can see more pictures of it in my photo gallery.

[ Molten ] - This was made from another of my very early photos. It's actually a picture of the bottom of a door, but it doesn't look quite like it, does it?

[ The Roof ] - Two overexposed photos superimposed seamlessly. I was getting bored sitting in my hotel room in Manipal last week, so I took out my camera and started taking some pictures. I looked out the window and saw the stained roof and thought it had potential for a wallpaper. This is the result.

Note that these wallpapers are high contrast images, so they'll probably look better on new monitors (which are brighter).


Anonymous said...

hi varun

This is shashank.

a great deal of imagination
mixed with wonderful photography


Anonymous said...

Hello Anomaly !

Gues who i am ...

Actuall . i am also very much intrested in these kind of photography... had to buy such cameras and start exploring .

Well .. Wallpapers are diffrerent and Cool..

Is Something COMING in ur mind ????
Gud Night !

Anonymous said...

hey varun...
the roof seems to be very lucky it caught ur attension n gr8 u took the photo of caterpillar at the engineering counselling centre. i thought everyone wud be tensed at that pt n u... hmm todays eistien waitin for a noble prize

Unknown said...

Hehe, actually I DID think of taking some pictures of the caterpillar there itself, then I thought I'd be making a fool of myself :)

So I brought it home in a piece of paper. Was kinda messy because the thing started shitting all over the place :)